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Why NovaNet?

VISION inspires us to anticipate market challenges.

    ENTREPRENEURSHIP compels us to collaborate with clients.

INNOVATION drives us to develop and deliver solutions to solve today's issues, as well as anticipate tomorrow's challenges.

Benefits of Working With NovaNet...
  • Greater provider discounts
  • Maximum flexibility to customize plans, offerings, etc.
  • Fully-integrated, "Class A" network
  • Enhanced ability to add providers upon request
  • Strategic network design to maximize coverage in all areas


  • Offers a national network product
  • Markets to both client and provider communities
  • Provides a single source for local, regional, and national network needs
  • Gives clients access to the best providers-"Providers of Choice"-in each service area
  • Has various repricing methods for clients, including remote and in-house repricing
NovaNet clients include...
  • Insurance Companies
  • TPAs
  • ASOs
  • Self-Insured Employers (Regional and National)
NovaNet offers...
  • An innovative national health network
  • Dental networks
  • Workers' Compensation networks
  • Medicare and Medicaid networks
  • Repricing Services
  • Electronic Claims Submission and Processing
  • Transplant Network
  • Health Travel/Wrap Network
  • Dental Wrap Network
NovaNet DOES NOT offer...
  • TPA services
  • Claims payment or adjudication
  • Benefits administration
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