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NovaNet Travel/Wrap


The NovaNet Travel/Wrap Network allows clients to provide members with access to network providers outside of NovaNet's primary network service areas.

Travel networks are not new, but NovaNet's seamless manner and below-marketing pricing is innovative.

The NovaNet Travel/Wrap Network is available without additional logos or claim instructions on the member ID card. It requires an amendment to an existing NovaNet access agreement to accommodate a modest shared savings fee. A separate EOB message is suggested for claims utilizing these network discounts.

The NovaNet Travel/Wrap Network offers more than 3,700 hospitals, 19,000 ancillary locations, and over 450,000 physicians serving patients in more than 513,000 physician locations.

The NovaNet Travel/Wrap Network is available for claims processing on an in- or out-of-network basis and may be used in conjunction with other networks as well. Clients are billed on a percentage of shared savings basis according to claims repricing.

The NovaNet Travel/Wrap Network "closes the loop" for members, assuring PPO discounts when traveling outside of the primary network service area.

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